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Thursday, 24 January 2008      0 comments

Please go to and search for "A shop for seniors Leigh Davis" it will pull up the link and you can go from there.

marie wilson <> wrote: I couldnt get it to open or work with copy and paste, wish I could have gotten it to open to see what great news had happened

Wendy <> wrote:
Totally awesome Leigh! Nice to put a face with the name.
When you said you got donations through internet groups I'm wondering
if you already know about Freecycle? That's what I use for things for
my programs.

Well done and a nice way to boost your attendance! <GRIN>

Wendy in So Cal

--- In, "Leigh"
<leigh@...> wrote:
> Hi everyone,,,
> I havnt had a chance to share something great that has happened. The
> newspaper printed an article I wrote. I have been swampped ever since
> by the community. I hope all of you enjoy this. Please let me know if
> it doesnt open.
> AID=/20071119/NEIGHBORHOODS02/711190334

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