New about Cancer

Saturday, 23 June 2007      0 comments

New matter about cancer from John Hopkins. This information have been continued from Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

1. There may not be any container in Microwafe
2. There may not be any plastic bottle in refrigerator / freezer.
3. There may not be any plastic cover in Microwave

Chemical mixture that called dioksin can caused cancer especially breast cancer. Dioxin was very dangerous to cells in our body, so don't freeze plastic bottle contained water because that can make dioxin will be escaping from plastic.

Edward Fujimoto, Health Program Manager at Castle Hospital, had broadcasting in a television program to explain health threat. He explain what a danger of dioxin for our body. He said that we may not to heat food in Microwave by using plastic container, easpecially the food that containing fat. Combination of fat, high heatwave and plastic will make dioxin cover up the food and finnaly enter to our body.

As a choice, he recommend the place of glass like Corning Ware, Pyrex, or Ceramic to heat food. It's same result but without dioxin. Food like noodles cup (instant ramen), tv dinner, etc may not be heated in its plastic container, have to removed beforehand.
Paper not so have an effect, but we don't know the paper made from, so for the best we wear glass container as an alternative.

He also remind a few moments ago, some fast food restaurant haven't use plastic container/steyroform again. It was caused by dioxsin. Beside it, he reminding in order no to close the food by plastic sheet when heating in Microwave.

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Simple Steps To Know Stroke

Friday, 22 June 2007      0 comments

Stroke is a desease which the symptom difficult to recognized. The victim of stroke can suffer damage of brain if peoples around him fail to recognize the symptom at the time that occurence. Now many doctor tell the peoples can recognize the symptom of stroke by asking this three simple questions to a victim :

1. Ask that people to smile
2. Ask that people to lifting both of hand.
3. Ask that people to saying a simple sentence, example :"It's sunny day..." or other sentences that logic.

If that people can't do what we ask above or one of them, immediately bring to nearest doctor to get first aid.

A cardiologist said if everyone get this email and return delivering to 10 peoples, you can bet that at least one people will be saved.

Become a best friend and send this tips to all your friends as many as possible. You might possibly will save their soul.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2007      0 comments

Condylomata Acuminata usually recognized is Condyloma that included in the overall venereal desease which obliged to take heed.
Besides is contaminate, Condyloma can result cancercously of gracious neck, miscarriege, pregnancy trouble and birth. Condyloma have form like ordinary wart that grow at part of body. Have harsh tekstur, dry, pink or puple chromatic. Condyloma which don't handle trully can expand and fairish big till 1 cm.

Condyloma is caused by Human Papilloma Virus ( HPV ) because flitting sexual couple without using peacemaker.

Typical symptom is there are one or some wart around the privy parts. Usually be located at husk around genitals till anus, inner the mucous membrane, privy parts cave untill gracious neck. If women having pregnancy, this wart can growth too big. It's caused increased Estrogen Hormone producting at this time.

In order not to be contagious, get action that ordinary called "ABC". Where "A" for Abstince, that is avoiding free sexual or flit couple. "B" is abbreviation from Be Faithful, as devoted as in a couple. Then "C" is abbreviation Condom which represent formentation to use condom for risked sexual.

Curable by using method of kotter and only can be done by hospital doctor or clinic. That is by using laser, special scissors and also giving drug dilution that called imiqumod.

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Put - off the light when sleep

Sunday, 17 June 2007      0 comments

Put-off the light when we sleep in the dark, in reality can be colaborated with body. Only in the really dark state body produce Melantonin,
one of hormone in impenetrability system which can fight and prevent various desease of breast cancer and prostate cancer.

On the contrary, sleep with aflame lamp in the night as small as any light cause production of melantonin hormone is desisted.

Biolog Joan Roberts find this secret attempt having experiment at animal. When animal given nocturnal artificial light, the melantonin was down and weaken impenetrability system of its body. In the reality, lamplight like also tv cause hormone become so tired.

Therefore, besides economizing energi, by put-off the light when sleep representing the natural way to increase body health.

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Healthy Life Tips Prevent Cancer

Friday, 15 June 2007      0 comments

Lately, especially in some depeloved countries, many peoples have applying behaviour of healthy life along with preventive movement of cancer.
This following steps suggested to prevent incidence of cancer :

1. Eating many vegetables, fruits, bean, tofu, and food with containing many fibre.At
least once or twice a day to consumed green vegetable and fruits.
2. Avoid abundant body weight or fatness. Deliberate body weight once a week.
Research show, by effect of fattness risk the happening cancer is bigger specially breast
cancer, gracious, large intestine, stomach, kidney and also gall bladder.
3. Lessen to much fried food as well as pregnant of high fat, protein, and also
4. Limit processed food with old and high temperature or with certain processing able
to generate prokarsinogen like salted food, smoke, burned, and grilled. Stewed
food is the best.
5. Beware with sweetener made product, clourant food and durabel substance. The best
is fresh food.
6. Keep cleening the food.
7. Lessen to drink alcohol and smoke.
8. Activity of physical with atheltics regularly accompanied by health bounce and
spritual represent inwrought shares in the effort cancercous preventation

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Strawberry vs Cancer

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12 fruits type which have been checked of antioksidan, strawberry note highest score. Antioksidan is a compound which can protect the body cells from damage by materials that make cancer. It’s way, by preventing or disturbing process able to forming of cancer cells.

Whether certain vitamins in strawberry and also it’s in the reality have the nature of anti cancer. On trial to extract of strawberry by USA Department of Agricultural, the extract show big resistivity to growth serviks cancer cells although breast cancer cells.

Some study also show, ellagik acid in strawberry can obstruct lung cancer, throat, breast, skin, and liver cancer that caused by digestion of chemicals. On trial with breast cancer cells, ellagik acid can obstruct its growth until 45%. Kuercetin also have been known can pursue growth of prostate cancer and breast cancer.

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