[Plagio] Provider at CIRS Palo Alto

Friday, 18 January 2008      0 comments

Hi all,
My son Cody (8 mos.) had his Starband eval with Bob last week. We know
that Cody's head measures off the charts but Bob was like "WOW, his
HEAD IS HUGE!" and told me that he'd be off the charts as an 18 mo. old
then went on and on for a while about it. I was like "ok, I get it my
kid has a big head, can we move on?" I got the feeling that Bob's
overall demeanor isn't very pleasant, he got very irritated that Cody
wouldn't hold his neck straight for the scan (torticollis, hello!) and
now we're having him do his fitting next week. I've heard good things
about Amy, but figured we should give Bob one more shot. Actually no
one at the office was very friendly to us. Were they having an off day
or was I? Anyway, any feedback would be great!


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