[Plagio] Re: Repositional Therapy after 5 months

Thursday, 7 February 2008      0 comments

I think, repo definitely help, at least tp prevent further plagio.

We repo our son from 2 month until he get his DOC band at 6 month. We
manage to improve his right-side plagio (CVA only 4mm, Mid-face is 3mm
and Skull-base is 1mm)so much that, he is only banded due to Brachy.

Keep it up and you will see the results. But, if you still feel that
the assym is there, do consider banding. Hope this help.

Aaron, banded since Jan 21 08.

--- In Plagiocephaly@yahoogroups.com, "Danielle Mulryan"
<dmulryan88@...> wrote:
> Will repositional therapy work after 5 months of age for not a severe
> case?
> Some of what I read says it is not effective - but many times they
> mention that is because it is harder to control how the baby sleeps on
> his head. I am having good luck with it so far so I want to know if I
> will continue seeing improvement if I am able to be this aggresive with
> it?

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