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Wednesday, 6 February 2008      0 comments

Hey Hawaiian (don't know what else to call you since you didn't sign
your post),

It would help if we knew what your recipe is in order to figure out
why your soap is going rancid so quickly. A well made bar of castile
soap shouldn't do that. What superfat are you using?

Also, "castile" has a variety of definitions these days. Some say it
must be 100% olive oil. Some say it must be 60% olive oil. Others say
it just means 100% vegetable oils. If you belong to one of the last 2
groups, I have heard rice bran oil is a good substitute although I
have never tried it, myself.

A little more info would help you get better, more informed answers.

You can reply to me off-list also.


ps...Just curious...how long have you been making soap?

--- In Bath_and_Body@yahoogroups.com, "Hawaiian Soaps R Us"
<MyWickedDolls@...> wrote:
> I want to make Castile soap but I would like to add another oil to keep
> the cost down. Olive oil on Hawaii is CRAZY expencive. Also I was
> useiong vitamin e to prevent spoiling but it is not working. The soap
> is going rancid in the heat and humidity fast. Please tell me what
> additives and preservatices I can use to keep it fresh enough to sell
> on store shelves for 6 months.
> Any one with good recipies for very hard Castile soap. If I add salt to
> make it hard how and when do I do it and how much can I add?
> Thank you all for your help!!!!

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