[Supertraining] Re: Strength Training for a 800m runner(In Season)

Thursday, 17 January 2008      0 comments

Hi Brian!

One of the easiest self-assessments you can do relative to your current
progress in the 800 is:

1) determine your seasonal goal--what you want to run at the most important
races in your training cycle

2) run the 800 in practice as fast as you are currently capable

3) start your watch or have a teammate time you

4) stop or have your teammate whistle or signal you to stop when the goal
time on the watch is reached

5) see how far from the finish line you actually are when the watch reaches
your goal time

It is always good for an athlete to get a 'perspective' in distance as well
as time in order to help them direct their training plan.

It's amazing what this simple test does in terms of getting you to think
'meters from your goal' rather than just 'fewer seconds to achieve that goal.'

Ken Jakalski
Lisle High School
Lisle, Illinois USA

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