Re: [Plagio] She was out of her helmet for 6 she's back in it again.

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Hannah (if you google hannah's noggin) is a child that I think
regressed at 15 months with no tort or any other "risks" for
regressing. Her mom is (or used to be?) a moderator here....her
name is Sarah. That is the only case of regression that I've heard
of without known causes and risk factors contributing (i.e. tort,
young, etc.)

--- In, JenandLuli@... wrote:
> SOrry about the regression.? My memory may be fuzzy - but I am not
aware of another regression here like yours.??Do a search?thru old
messages and see if you can find anything.
> Please keep us updated!!!!? I am glad you are seeing results again!
> Jen and Luli - 24 months
> Left tort - Right Plagio - Hanger Band Grad - CA
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> From: crissydepew <cmueller1@...>
> To:
> Sent: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 10:01 am
> Subject: [Plagio] She was out of her helmet for 6
she's back in it again.
> Is it common for children's heads to regress after getting out of
> helmets? My daughter was in her helmet for 5 months. She did great
> and we saw fantastic results. We got out of it and at 4 weeks out,
> noticed her head was starting to flatten in back and the sides
> starting to protrude again.
> Now she's been back in it again for three weeks, and there's
already a
> noticeable difference again. She's going to be 14 months old on
> 30th.
> Any advice? Is this common?
> Christine
> mother to Savannah
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