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I found some cool holographic (?) stickers from stickerpotomus at Michael's and they have been on for almost 3 weeks. Only one has come off, at the nap of the neck because it kindof crinkeled when I put it on. You can see it under our plagio babies K for Keenan.
Kiley 3
Keenan 5 months, 3 weeks Doc band

lka_236 <> wrote:
I would make sure the bows can't come off and become choking
hazards. And if you do undo them at night and naps, then consider
the sheets on your daughter's crib so the band doesn't stick in
certain places. I've seen the bows and they are cute...I'd just be
careful with them too.


PS: We used stickers and they didn't come off. I changed them
about every week. The paper ones leave more residue and are harder
to take off than the clear BUT I was still able to make the band
look decent and cute. I cleaned and scrubbed the residue off with a
dry paper towell and alcohol (alternated). I did that until I got
the band clean enough to apply new stickers without it looking bad.

--- In, "emilyejordan"
<emilyejordan@...> wrote:
> Another decorating idea we've heard and plan to use for our
> is using BOWS. We are going to put a piece of velcro on her band
> and put a velcro piece on the back of lots of different bows then
> just stick one on to match her outfit...easy and very cute I
> think!
> --- In, "Jessica" <jssckrnz@> wrote:
> >
> >
> > My daughter Brooklyn was cast for her Starband today…what a
> > traumatic 30 min L! We choose the solid pink because many of the
> > transfers appeared distorted or stretched in pictures. I've
> browsed
> > the adorable photo gallery and see that many of you personally
> decorate
> > your child's helmet. I'm looking for tips and suggestions as to
> > the best method to decorate. Do stickers stay on while sleeping
> etc.?
> > Also if I wanted to peel them off and change "themes" is that
> > hard to do, will it leave a sticky residue? What about the few
> saw
> > with rhinestones…do they fall off? Painting? Thanks for the
> >
> > Jessica, Brooklyn's mommy
> >
> > WI
> >

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