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Welcome Sam - YOu will find this group to be very helpful and welcoming!
Is Nikki getting a band?  WHat was discussed about the course of treatment?

Jen and Luli - 24 months
Left tort - Right Plagio - Hanger Band Grad - CA

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Hey Everyone,

My 6 1/2 month old Nikki was diagnosed with plagio and left tort on
Friday the 11th. I am semi concerned about the severity of her
plagio. I am new to this, so forgive me when I try to explain this. It
may be hard to understand. When the ortho measured her head he went
from the left side of her forehead to the back right of her head and
got a measurement of 12.2cm (the affected side). He then measured from
the right side of her forehead to the back left of her head and got a
measurement of 14.5 cm (non-affected side). This scares me because I
hear people talking in millimeters and my daughter is asymmetrical by
2.3 cm which is 23mm. Is this okay? Has anyone dealt with this before?

Thanks for your help

Sam mother of Nikki (6.5 months)

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