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My daughter is currently in a DOC Band from San Diego. We love that office. They are very professional and friendly. We fought the insurance for a month or so for them to approve Cranial Tech. They were trying to send us to another place for the star band and I was not going to accept the level of care they were going to provide at the other place.
You will not be disappointed if you choose to go there.

sailapsara <> wrote:

I am wondering if anyone can tell me about their level of satisfaction
with Cranial Tech's San Diego office? I have been on this board for a
while, so I know there are lots of DOC Band fans out there, so I am
just hoping to know about experience with the San Diego Office.

To make a long story short, my son (8.5 months) has been in a locally
made band for nearly 15 weeks and is just about to graduate with a
head shape that isn't so acceptable. I have already been emailing
with Cranial Tech to confirm that his current headshape warrants a
band, which it does, aargh (I am so frustrated! The orthotists here
say he has a normal headshape for "children of this generation" -
which means the flat head generation, but I digress)

Anyway, going to Cranial Tech involves a couple of 12+ hour flights
from & to Australia, and relocating myself, my son and my 2 year old
for the treatment. And all of us leaving hubby/daddy at home. So,
given the financial and emotional expense of this treatment, I just
want to make sure I am going to the right place.

I have already had one positive recommendation from someone whose son
has been in a band for two weeks, but I am hoping for some success
stories of kids who have been there and done that at the SD office. My
son will be 9.5 months by the time he starts in a DOC Band.

Thanks so much for your help, this has been such an incredibly
frustrating experience - fighting so hard just to get my son into a
band and then have it not achieve the best result and now having to
move half of my family to another continent to deal with it.

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