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Thursday, 24 January 2008      0 comments

I don't think 5 years would be a problem. People who have more than
2 or 3 kids probably use their crib mattress longer than that. But
definitely read up on it if you're concerned.

--- In, Lisa-Marie DiFonzo Kelley
<sscutch@...> wrote:
> oh god! I didn't even think of SIDs! Why does it increase? We
don't own a pack and play but maybe we will buy one. The company
said that they matresses and equipment is no older than 5 years old,
but now I am worried.!
> nwilkens2275 <nwilkens2275@...> wrote: Lisa-
> How old is your baby? My daughter was 18 months old when we went
> the beach and rented the crib from the rental agency, so SIDS
> a concern for me. But if you have a little one, you might want to
> listen to Tammy. I hadn't heard what she said about the
> but it is something to consider. Could you take your pack and
> You could probably check that on a plane if you're flying, it's no
> bigger than a set of golf clubs and people travel with those all
> time.
> Nicole in Raleigh
> (Mom to Jordan and Jake)
> --- In, Tammy Sabs <princessluau@>
> wrote:
> >
> > I would be nervous to rent a crib. They say sids increases with
> the amount of children who use a mattress. ( I
> would buy a portable crib such as the one that I got at Khols. It
> blows up and has a netting over it so the baby can not get out. It
> is some sort of a travel crib. It comes in a carry case for
> flying. In terms of other equiptment I would look into the
> but wash the stuff thoroughly when you get it. I am a germ freak!
> Tammy
> >
> > nwilkens2275 <nwilkens2275@> wrote: I'm not sure about
> those specific companies, but when we went to
> > Hilton Head a couple of years ago, we were able to rent a crib
> > directly from the rental agency that rented out the house. We
> > told them we needed one and they had it all set up for us when
> > checked in. It was a portacrib, lower to the ground, but it did
> the
> > job. So you might want to look into that as well. Not sure about
> the
> > other items though, but it might be worth checking into.
> >
> > --- In, Lisa-Marie DiFonzo Kelley
> > <sscutch@> wrote:
> > >
> > > HI everyone- Has anyone ever used any of the baby equipment
> rental
> > companies to rent baby gear when they have gone on vacation.
> > giong to Naples, FL in a few weeks and are going to need to rent
> > crib, and some other items and am wondering if anyone can
> reccomend
> > a company. We read some online reviews ABC baby rentals and the
> > other one is babies
> > > I am wondering if anyone has ever used either of these or can
> > reccommend a good reliable rental company.
> > > LISA , somerville, ma
> > >
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