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Repositioning can work on its own - but doesn't always. I'm not sure
why but some succeed and other don't. It is a good idea to take pics
that show the plagio every 2 weeks, and see if you're making progress.
If you don't see improvement, then it isn't working. There are several
moms on board who have done successful repo including Becky (one of
the moderators) and Angie. There are other moms who tried it without

Our doc (cranial facial plastic surgeon) recommends banding at 10mm or
above, so by that criteria you're borderline. However some band at
lower numbers(8). There are repo tips in the files section of the
group. You do still have some time to decide, but you would be fine
deciding to band now too.

take care. -christine
sydney 2 yrs starband grad

--- In Plagiocephaly@yahoogroups.com, "shosh428" <Shosh428@...> wrote:
> My daughter Tova just turned 4 months old. She has torticolis and we
> have been repositioning since birth but not really aggressively since
> about 3 months of age. I took her to CT this week and they said she
> is mild/moderate and they didn't immediately recommend a band, but
> did say she is a good candidate. Not sure what that means. I havent
> spoken to the pediatrician yet (we have an appointment on Monday) but
> right now I'm leaning towards doing it. My feeling is...Why not? It
> can't hurt. Right?
> Her measurements are: Cranial Vault Assymetry 10 mm
> Mid-Face Assymetry 4 mm
> Skull-Base Asymmetry 3 mm
> SInce she is so young I know we could see good results. We havent
> even started physical therapy yet for the torticolis since she was
> just diagnosed and the government agency that arranges it is
> extremely slow. Ive been doing exercises with her on my own, been
> repositioning like crazy, I havent put her in the bouncy seat or
> swing even once since she was diagnosed with torticolis about a month
> ago. But im wondering if repositioning on its own will really work.
> Any advice?
> -Shosh

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