Re: [Bath_and_Body] Re: natural and unnatural

Thursday, 17 January 2008      0 comments

I think that natural should be completely untouched and pure ingrediants. Many of the added things do more harm than good

Melanie McCullough <> wrote: Kelly,

Thank you for your support. I do think it is extremely important, especially for newer members to think about the term "natural", the qualifiers of such, and the labeling of their products.

As you so well pointed out, there are many ingredients that are not "natural", and yet used to produce a product that may be described as "natural" just because of ONE ingredient.


Southern Soapers Fragrances <> wrote:
I am so glad you addressed this issue.

The concept of "natural" is so completely subjective.

Just my humble opinion however. It just concerns me greatly when I
see people comment how natural their products are compared to other
peoples, :) Again, Melanie.. .I love the info you posted, I hope
others see the merit.. :)

Kelly Bloom
Southern Soapers Fragrances ~ "We Have No Common Scents!"

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