Re: [ACWDYG ] Love, Sex, and Friendship Within Relationships

Thursday, 17 January 2008      0 comments

Jennifer, being aware of what you need to change is a very big step in
itself...there are some people who never even recognize the need for
change...just take one step at the time. Besides, you can only change
one thing at the time otherwise you lose focus if you scatter yourself
about. Sounds like you are already aware and have made some BIG changes
itself in getting out of bad relationships. Keep up the good work. I
have a feeling you are stronger than you realize. :) I struggle
constantly. I look at the scenery as it passes by, because to look at
the LONG ROAD ahead, would only depress me, lol.


--- In, Jennifer Thomas
<kookie123427@...> wrote:
> Petala (Star) - I loved reading your story because I read so much
about myself in your "old habits". Most of myself I am aware of but am
still insecure about changing. [snip]

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