Re: [ACWDYG ] I need help with my positive thinking

Friday, 18 January 2008      0 comments

Hi Sara,

You have to really want to work at changing your
attitude. One thing you can try are affirmations.
Find a positive affirmation like this fun one 'You are
who you pretend to be" or a stronger one like 'Our
mind is the only thing we can control'. With
practice, the first one opens your mind up to lots of
possibilities and the latter one is a challenge to
Record where you are now and then start to take baby
steps. You will be surpised at how far you'll get in
a very short time. Good luck, you can do it.
--- slb2071 <> wrote:

> Hi am new to t
> his group and I need help with my positive thinking.
> Sara

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