[Plagio] Re: My son just got the Hanger Helmet - long post

Tuesday, 15 January 2008      0 comments

Hi Michelle,

I am with you about losing access to our those
precious baby heads and cheeks! They are little for
such a short time and I also miss the free access to
kissing and snuggling. I ended up with a very stiff
neck the first week from craning to kiss my daughter.
UGH. I felt like I am not the "right kind of person"
to do this,(whatever that is ,LOL), and I was really
upset. I felt as if we/she were sick, and I just
wanted the nasty thing to pass! In fact, I neglected
my DH pretty badly as our anniversary fell in those
first days and I was, so very distracted.

I do think decorating helps a lot. It makes the
helmet seem less...orthopedic, and more personal and
endearing. To be honest, I spent more than I should
have on a professional artist that decorates these
bands, and I don't regret it for a second! But
stickers work amazingly well, and the good thing is
you can even re-decorate - change them when you want,
too. I'm not super-artistic, so I felt I was better
off having someone else do my longer-term artwork.
But you can make that helmet adorable, and make it
your own and your baby's. It is therapeutic, I think!
Somehow, you also get better at finding and
reaching the "kissy spots." And you find yourself
holding your little one more naturally, as if the
helmet is a part of them, instead of this thing that
unbalances them and you, as well.

We had some excessive red spots, so got to have some
longer than typical breaks. I was not-so-secretly
relieved, even as I moved heaven and earth to prevent
my baby from having anything that would hurt her, and
get the problem fixed asap. I spent every second
hugging and kissing that baby head and singing songs
to her about loving her head-- you name it! I also
hated and felt ripped off that it "took away" her
delicious baby scent and make her head smell..bad.
Her bath time/hour off is sacred head loving time, for
us. I put a lot of kisses in the head-bank. LOL. I
am kissing arms, hands and chin, feet etc. It is my
challenge to not let it get in my way of snuggling my
baby and I take that challenge SERIOUSLY! I also clean
it religiously and am always looking for tips to make
it better...

Slowly, I am finding myself feeling less resentful of
the thing. It also helps to see my daughter doing well
in it, smiling and playing. I tell myself it will
protect her if she tips over while sitting....And I am
looking at lots of before and after pictures,
reminding myself that this really does a good thing,
and is not actually evil!

So hang in there. I appreciated your vent, actually
cause I know that I'm not the only one with these
feelings and we can all support each other.

Anyway, take a a couple of motrin/advil, if your neck
gets tweaked, and keep searching for kissy spots. You
WILL find them....because your baby is 100% lovable!

Keep us posted on how you are doing!


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