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Tuesday, 15 January 2008      0 comments

I am so glad you addressed this issue. So many in this industry take
a black & white perspective and get very rigid. They want lotion,
they want body wash... well neither can be made truly without
using "Un natural" ingredients. There just is no natural emulsifier
and no natural surfactant and there is not even a real natural
preservative that stands up properly to the job for a product that
one can risk their business liability to on a store shelf. We do
need to follow the lead of the Big Manufacturers to some degree.
They have spent MILLIONS in Research & Development, and in Market
Studies. They already know what works and what does not work, what
formulates well and what reduces their liability risk from customer
reaction (both physical reaction and psychological) to their
products. We do not have that same deep pocketbook to cull for
testing, research, or liability claims. Many are selling completely
untested products based just what someone on the internet or a yahoo
group told them was safe to use.

I am a proponet of Moderation... As safe as possible naturally
derived ingredients. Manufactured alternatives whenever the naturals
are undesired (as in oxides, ultramarines which are LAB produced and
although called "natural", totally manufactured un natural),
expensive (as in sandalwood Eo, Jasmine Eo) or preferrable for
product integrity (Ewax NF, BTMS, other emulsifiers), and for
functionality... (as in surfactants.. we all like the bubbles... but
there are MUCH better alternatives to the sulfates now.. however,
none of them occur 'naturally' either).

The concept of "natural" is so completely subjective. To one person
it is using only essential oils.. which by the way are produced and
extracted in less than natural manners. To others it is not using
SLES and mineral oils in their products, opting for the less harmful
to the skin and environment alternatives. I do believe that there is
room for all these perspectives of natural and that it is
presumptious of any of use to say someone else's perspective is less
natural than the one personally defined by themselves.

Just my humble opinion however. It just concerns me greatly when I
see people comment how natural their products are compared to other
peoples, :) Again, Melanie.. .I love the info you posted, I hope
others see the merit.. :)

Kelly Bloom
Southern Soapers Fragrances ~ "We Have No Common Scents!"

--- In Bath_and_Body@yahoogroups.com, Melanie McCullough
<herbaltech2@...> wrote:
> The term "natural", means different things to different people.
What defines natural? Because it is derived from nature, because it
goes thru a slight alteration after it is harvested from its natural
state, or because it is not synthetically produced?
> Very few lotions are made using a natural emulsification system,
but the finished product is still called natural. Most of the
natural products listed as natural are really not natural at all,
but are made with naturally derived products, that is, products that
may come from an herb, botanical, fruit, or nut.
> Adding a synthetic fragrance, which is usually less than 1% of
the total product, and as long as the consumer is aware of the
synthetic fragrance, I still contend the naturally derived product
is not unnatural because of a synthetic fragrance addition, but
simply fragranced with a synthetic fragrance and should be labeled
as such. The fragrance, or additional benefits that come from an
essential oil, also less than 1% of the total product does not
qualify the product as natural unless the other ingredients in the
total formula are actually natural ingredients too; and usually the
other ingredients are naturally derived, not in their natural state.
> Sincerely,
> Melanie
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