How to Get Rid of Acne!

Saturday, 9 August 2008      0 comments

Mainly during puberty, glands in the face have an unusual chemical reaction which causes lots of sebum which simply catches dirt and oil and dead skin cells causing acne. Because the oils can't get out of the skin then they all gather up together and create a white head (the spots that stick out of the skin). With this in mind a blackhead has the same sort of theory however its the gathering of dead skin cells.

Its really hard to tell what causes acne and weather it is eating fatty foods or not.

However there is a third common spot and this spot is like a whitehead however its produced deep under the skin unfortunately you can't squeeze them and they appear on your face as a great big lump. If you knock this spot then it really does hurt and can cause eruptions under your skin which then spread and can pop out in different parts of your face. The same can happen if you squeeze white heads that is why its important to seek treatment quickly otherwise it will just spread. I would recommend not to squeeze spots and get treatment. However they will annoy you and look awful so i would not blame you if you did squeeze your spots.

These products that we buy in supermarkets only clean the skin and are not actually aimed at acne that's why I have found a product that will actually help you.

However one thing that we all agree on is that its a real pain and everybody deserves clear skin!!

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