Tips on Choosing a Dentist

Sunday, 8 June 2008      0 comments

1. Check them out Online
Go online to see if the dentist you’re considering has a website. If so, take a look at the about us page and try to get a feel for the kind of dentistry office they run. If they don’t then try “Googling” them to see if they have any reviews online.

2. Plan for Long-Term
If you end up loving your dentist, then you’ll want to go back in the future. Make sure the dentist you choose offers a wide variety of services so you do not have to go somewhere else if you require different dental work later on.

3. Get a Consultation
It is important to feel safe and comfortable with your dentist. Don’t be afraid to call and see if it is possible to schedule a consultation to get a better feel for them and their facilities.

4. Location and Hours of Business
Although location should not be a main deciding factor for choosing a dentist, reasonable distance will add less stress to every appointment. Also check to see of their hours of business work around your work schedule, children’s school hours, etc.

5. Time your First Appointment
During your first appointment take notice of how long you spend at their office. If the dentist completes your work faster than other dentists have in the past, then it may be a sign they are not performing thorough work.

6. Examine Final Product
Don’t feel rude examining your completed dental work closely. Dental floss should not get caught, biting down should feel comfortable, and all debris should be cleared out before you leave the office.

7. Be Wary of Complicated Procedures
If your dentist wants you to come in for numerous, costly appointments, then you may want to get a second opinion. What might cost you $1,500 at one dentist, may have a simpler $500 treatment elsewhere.

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