Re: [Supertraining] Testosterone for women

Saturday, 9 February 2008      0 comments

Hi Linda,

I did watch that documentary and that is NOT what I'm wanting or going for at
all. To me the women are more like men, and that is not my thing. Not to
knock anyone who likes that themselves. To each there own. The way in which
you have replied makes me think I hit a nerve within you .. and that was not
my intention. I read an article on being low on testosterone and symptoms
one might be going through if they are low on testosterone and so that is
why I asked the question here. I don't want to be a man and I don't want to be
a she man .. but I do want to be more lean and I did read benefits of taking
tesoterone that I feel would make me feel better.

Here is one of the articles:

thanks for your feedback Miguel : )

Lisa Day
Western Canadian mnts

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It's unlikely Lisa is even remotely in danger of starting to look like a pro
female bodybuilder just from using a test patch. Now I don't think she
should go that route either, but still...It's not like she's going to wake
up one morning and weigh 240 pounds at 2% bodyfat with 18-inch arms. "Oh
no, I look like Markus Ruhl; why o why didn't I listen to Linda?"

High doses of testosterone would probably make YOU look that way, but that's
because you are a genetic mutant with an abnormal disposition towards
putting on muscle and being very strong and keeping a low bodyfat level
despite eating whatever you want in large amounts. You could probably weigh
220 lean by eating cake and ice cream and just lifting heavy 3-4 times a
week without ever bothering with cardio. (Oh wait, that's what you do
already.) Figure it out, you are far, FAR removed from the typical female -
you are an anomaly. Your experience is perfectly irrelevant as far as most
other women is concerned. Isn't it obvious, for crying out loud?


You probably just need to double-check your diet, cut back a little bit on
the running and concentrate more on your weight training.


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