[loveshy_drgilmartin] I finally talked to her today, of course she said no...

Saturday, 9 February 2008      0 comments

I am 27 years-old, there is this girl i like for almost 2 years now...

i know her but i obviously i coudnt make a start and say to her that i
like her,

i tried once last year,
well, have you heard Neil Young's 'Out on the Weekend'?
"...he tries to speak and can't begin to say"

the last months i was ok, but the two last days i saw her and another
girl i like for a long and i realized that i was starting feeling
deepressed again,

i woke up today in a bad condition, i had to do something or else i
knew things wouldnt be good for,
when i saw her he told me to phone her to give some books,
i thought that i shouldnt phone her and be dissapointed that once
again i couldnt do anything,
finally i decided to speak to her,

well it was really surprised, and she told me the usual "you are nice
but i dont think that it would work, but dont feel bad about that"

i dont know if i should feel better now or not, but at least i did
something and i wont wonder in the future what would have happened "if
i had spoken to her"

maybe next time it will be easier for me to speak to another girl...
or not, time will tell

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