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Ambrotose is the brand name of a blend of tree bark extracts and sap
extracts plus aloe vera. Mannatech claims "this nutritional
supplement is a glyconutritional, a blend of specific plant
saccharides that provides support for the immune system."

Unfortunately, most people eat nutrient-deficient food, too many
toxins, and rely on fast food. Most of the Standard American Diet
(SAD) is over-processed, cooked with no live enzymes. All of this is
further complicated by chlorine in water, sugar, not drinking enough
water, etc. Many nutritional supplements give results because we are
basically malnourished....anything would help!

When you check out information from the company, you read things such
as: For all of history, food has provided these building blocks, and
now, we are not eating foods that once supplied a greater variety of
these sugars. While the body has the capacity to manufacture all of
these monosaccharides from common sugars (like glucose) found in the
diet, the conversion process is complicated, requiring energy and time
as well as numerous enzymes and vitamins.

The idea that we have to get glucose in our diet (according to
Mannatech) because we can't make it or can't make enough of it
is....well, not correct. It's the basic fuel for our cells -- blood
glucose levels are normally maintained within the relatively narrow
range of 70-110 mg per 100 mL. That happens whether or not we get
glucose in our diet, whether or not we eat at all. All sorts of things
can be converted to glucose by our liver, including amino acids. Many
of these nutrients are assimilated by probiotics in a healthy body,
from essential building blocks, such as found in nutrient-dense whole

In the Mannatech promo piece there are some striking contradictions.
For one thing, they acknowledge we have the ability to synthesize
these substances and then two sentences later they go and label them

Plus, they are not from a real, food source.

The logic is that since one cannot find whole foods anymore, why not
eat the isolated parts that we need? Hence, the popularity of vitamin
and mineral supplements and a population of pill poppers that thinks
that yellow urine is normal. If you eat food....whole food....and
don't take chemical vitamins, your urine will not be a bright yellow
color. Get yourself some real whole food nutrition that wasn't put
together in a lab by some scientist mixing stuff up in a cauldron.

Why not go to the source of all life on earth, the beginning of the
food chain: Super Blue Green Algae (SBGA) - http://tinyurl.com/g1iz -
which is still enzymatically active, full of everything good, and 97%
absorbable without stress on the body's organs. It has the
glyconutrients – in the cell wall – naturally occurring there, along
with all the other nutrients you can name. ALL these micronutrients
are needed, not just the glyconutrients. Why not skip the scientists
and the lab-produced phytochemicals and simplify your life?

Why do we hear so much about isolated/synthetic/man-made supplements
that have lots of scientific research? These products are widely
promoted (lots of advertising dollars behind them), and the scientific
jargon seems to assure many people that they can be helpful....and
many times they are. Promoters will assure you that these
supplements....such as the Ambrotose products....are listed in the PDR
(Physicians Desk Reference). Well....fruits and vegetables are NOT
listed in the PDR; likewise neither is the Super Blue Green Algae (a
whole food). Whole foods are not glamorous or as profitable as some
medications and supplements. As more people see the benefits of
simplifying their lives, they look for "The Natural Way". Read about
the "Natural Health Model" - http://tinyurl.com/q8ttc; and take the
"Journey to Better Nutrition" - http://tinyurl.com/pnwz. You will
find out how health really works.

I came across an article by Dr. J. Strickland comparing SBGA to
man-made vitamin supplements. One might draw similar conclusions to
all lab-produced supplements....

Dr. J. Stickland reports: "The way I came about the comparison was to
take a few of my patients (including myself), and I took the easy
thing, which is Vitamin B12, to check in blood levels and urine. I
took the SBGA and measured blood levels of B12, waited and then
measured urine levels of B12. We did the same thing with a couple of
organic vitamin/mineral supplements from the health food stores and
did the same thing again with chemically derived Centrum. In comparing
the levels of B12, I found the SBGA staying at the 97% assimilation
background. That was achieved by the blood levels of B12 were high
initially after taking it, and then the urine values were very low
after taking the SBGA. This told me that the body maintains a vast
majority of the B12 that was within the SBGA.

Then when I took the "other" blue green algae products on the market
that were harvested off the same lake....what I found was about a 50%
assimilation factor, so that meant that about half of the B12 showed
up in the urine. Then, with the organic vitamin mineral supplements,
that was really variable....that could as low as 10% and could be as
high as 50%. But never higher than 50%. With the chemically derived
vitamins such as Centrum, I found that it varied 5-10%, and some of
these numbers you have heard before. Like the 97% assimibility factor
with the SBGA, and then the 5-10% assimilation with a chemically
derived vitamin. I just broke it down a little bit more, to look and
see what the difference was between the "other" algae and the organic
vitamin mineral supplements were, because I wanted to see whether
there was a cheaper way of getting the same effect.

I am quite convinced that the SBGA is the only way to go at this
point. Now, with the other brands of the blue green algae, the amino
acids and proteins have been destroyed by heat and production, and by
doing so it is disrupting that bond that attaches those vitamins and
minerals to them....that's why you would get a different assimilation
factor with the "other" algae.

Many of us enjoy reading how science has broken down the "whys" of how
things work. Let's just not forget to put everything back together
again....to the whole picture...and see what the whole food does for
you. A completed puzzle of a horse makes an interesting picture, but
it lacks a lot compared to the real thing.

So, that's why I choose the simple, organic whole-food that does more
than I even can comprehend.....SBGA."

I feel that with the foundational micronutrients available in
nutrient-dense whole foods, we are able to make the sugars for optimal
health. Start at the beginning of the nutritional support chain,
instead of what you would be doing with Ambrotose which is targeting
specific sugars in the middle and end points.

SBGA has a glycolipoprotein cell wall, and is a whole food complex
(not parts of foods, isolates or extracts), as opposed to "piecemeal

My vote is still with the SBGA, as a base nutrient, made by Nature,
not in a laboratory.


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