[AlternativeAnswers] The Power of Magnets?

Wednesday, 6 February 2008      0 comments

Hi all - glad to be here, neat community! :)

I stumbled upon this gentleman's website and - while I'm skeptic - I'm
still curious. I've heard of the healing and rejuvenating power of
magnets before of course, but I have to say: the testimonials on his
website are really quite intriguing.

Have any of you heard of these powerful "rings"? Tried them? There is
an offer for a free pair if you get a certain number of people to
click on a link, so I'm taking the bait and giving it a try. If
you'd like to help me out, I've placed the link below - just cut and
paste. I've already checked it out myself and assure that it's not
spam/virus material. If/when I get them, I'll be sure to provide an
honest testimony - but even if not, any experience with magnets and
the like I'd love to hear about. I'm not looking to "live forever" by
any means, but am definitely interested in the healthful properties of
magnets and how
they work...

Thanks in advance!


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