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You make a very good point, Steve.

Under "What do differently next time" certainly does come staff training or
at least staff briefing. About the whole experience from arrival at

This is the place where, when I did the first two workshops that led to this
series, at lunchtime they'd ask what sandwich I wanted fetching, then
disappear. For 40 minutes! All the residents and staff went back to their
respective houses, or offices, and left me in the room. The sandwich was
brought to me, and I was once more left in the lounge with myself or, by
now, a few residents who'd wandered back in ready for the afternoon session.
[This time, it's morning only, so this situation doesn't arise]

This time round, one of the carers took a woman outside who was feeling ill,
and gestured to me "Keep an eye on P" - a resident he'd been accompanying. P
was fine during this absence, and there was at least one other carer in the
room (who didn't see this exchange), but I wasn't happy being thus

The staff start at 08h30, which is when I arrive; but the Day Centre, where
we do the circle, doesn't open till 09h30. There's a car park right outside
the Day Centre, but I first have to park in the main car park; keypad my way
to the office and tell 'em I'm here then, while they walk through the
inside, I drive round the outside.

There's one staff who sets the chairs while I bring the drums in, and often
one talkative resident who follows me and grabs a bag from time to time.

Last week one of the men kicked off, was eased out of the room by a woman
staff, and then knocked her to the floor in the corridor outside. Several
more staff went to help, and I talked one resident down who was all set to
go and help, telling him there were lots of staff there and it would be all
right. It had never felt dangerous till then, just a bit - er -

Having said all this, they're great bunch of people and we have a lot of fun
together. There are several real characters and I enjoy interacting with
them and the helpers. I think they're just completely unaware of what the
experiences of visitors might be.

I've registered with the organiser that "We need to talk" and this will
happen in my review of the series. About the lunch, she said "Oh, yes, they
all go back to their houses for lunch, but you could have brought your
sandwich up to the office!" I said "Nobody told me - they just vanished!"

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I have had similar things happen and it is often difficult to do anything
about it at the time without spoiling the experience for the majority.

Would it be worthwhile suggesting a drum circle for the staff during which
you can teach them appropriate ways to assist when their clients are taking
part in a music workshop or similar activity? This could perhaps be as part
of a training day.


Steve Parker

They are not really all playing in time - it just sounds like they are!

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