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We still swaddle our 10 month old, Natalie.  It helps calm her down.  But she still ends up co-sleeping with us. wrote:

I'm so glad he is doing great!
We didn't swaddle after a few months - but I did find that cosleeping with my dd when she wore her band helped alot - I think smelling me comforted her if she was uncomfy.

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Hi everyone, Bradley got his Starband today and is doing GREAT. I
thought he would hate it because he hates having things on this head.
But he didnt mind it too much he tried to get it off for about 5
mintues and then when on with this business like it wasnt even there.
So, so far so good but we will wait and see what he is like when he has
to wear it at night. He is already a really bad sleeper wakes up 1 to 2
times per night. But I found tha he likes to be swaddled. He loved
being swaddled when he was a baby but I thought he was too big to be
swaddled still but, I swaddled him the other night and he only woke up
once so we saw see. Does anyone still swaddle their 8 almost 9 month
old baby or do you think he is too big?

Bradley 8m 3w - Starband

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