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I am Angie a stay at home mom to 4. I believe I joined the group around October 2002.   Megan will be 11 on the 26th and she did not have plagio.  Tyler is 8. Looking back at pictures he had at least moderate brachy.  Thankfully he started sitting,crawling, and walking at such a young age and his did improve a lot on its own.  I didn't realize his headshape until looking at old photos after Jenna graduated. 
Jenna just turned 6 on the 12th.  At her 6 month checkup she was dianosed with plagio from her family dr.  He wasn't comfortable with writing the prescription.  At the time I had not joined the group and didn't realize how important time was.  So we waited almost 3 months to see the specialist.  Jenna was never officially diagnosed with tort but looking back at most of her baby photos her head was always tilted to the left.  Knowing what I know now I would have insisted she got in sooner with another specialist.  Anyway she was diagnosed with high moderate to severe plagio/brachy.  She wore a STARband from age 9 to 12 months with great results.  She has before and after pictures under STARband. 
Kylie was born December of 2006.  I tried repoing her from the start.  I tried to consistently alternate what side we held her when feeding her.  She still developed brachy.  I tried to get more consistent with repo.  We got the bumbo and exersaucer and limited stroller and carseat time.   At 4 months I did start putting her to bed on her belly.  She was very strong and could rollover so I felt comfortable doing this.
I took pictures every few weeks comparing her headshape and shared them with other plagio friends for their opinions.  She is now 13 months and I am happy with her current headshape.  The one thing that does bother me, and Jenna has this too is 1 ear sticks out more than the other.  They were both born this way so it must be how they layed inside me.  I believe I have some repo comparisons under Kylie.
Sorry this is so long.  I just wanted to tell everyone  going through the banding and repo process the results are so worth it.  Banding Jenna was the best decision we have made.  Seeing the results of both banding and repo was wonderful.
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Hi Everyone! Please say hi to our newest Front Page Star, KYLIE!!!!

Angie, when you get a moment, please share Kylie's and your plagio
story with us. Maybe you could share Jenna's story as well for those
who haven't been around forever like you and me! :D

Becky, repo mod
Sarah, repo grad

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