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Thursday, 17 January 2008      0 comments

Hi Jessica,  We just had our free consult at Cranial Tech yesterday...not sure if we are  going to do it or not, or if our insurance will cover it either!    The Osteopath just started accepting insurance (BCBS), not sure what other  ones she is taking..    I have heard about massage therapists who do Cranial Sacral, and I think PT's  who do it too, but from my understanding, and I could be wrong.. the work  done by an Osteopath is much more involved. They go to school an additional 4  years for the Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine specialty, which is why very few  do it (like 700 in the whole country). I'm sure you could find out more about  it on the web... but again, I am pretty sure the work that she does is more  extensive/intensive(not sure the right word)... :)  If you would like her name/number, let me know... it may be worth a call at  least. She can explain what she does a lot better than I can... but I'm really  glad our son is seeing her. She has explained to us what is going on in our  sons body (tort, plagio, unwinding...etc..) with such knowledge and she really  seems to be helping him.   :-) Michelle   

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