[Plagio] Re: Had evaluation today at Cranial Tech... what do you think?

Wednesday, 16 January 2008      0 comments

Your child must be borderline meaning that his plagio isn't that
bad. I would band if you think you may regret not banding later.
NOW, is the time that you can do something about your child's
headshape where if you wait it will be too late. I say go for it!

We were very pleased with CT too (AZ).


--- In Plagiocephaly@yahoogroups.com, "Michelle" <Mitchandjim@...>
> Hi everyone,
> Well...Andrew had his evaluation done today at Cranial Tech and I
> thought it went really well. They were SUPER nice there, and
> I thought that they would be trying to "push" their product, it
> the farthest thing from that. The clinician said he has "mild to
> moderate" plagio with tort. She said that there is some facial
> asymetry as well. She said that he is a good candidate for the DOC
> Band. But she also said that in his case, if we didnt band, it
> prob continue to improve somewhat (as long as we kept up the PT
> his Torticollis and repositioning), but may not improve all the
> She said it would prob not be extrememly noticable, especially
> hair covering it. Interesting that she was giving me a not so bad
> outlook if we didnt band.....
> She measured him, and I do not have the paper yet since she is
> mailing it, but the circled numbers I remember, in the order they
> were on the paper were 6, 8 and 2. Then she said the overall was
> but they round up, so its 2 and that is just at what insurance
> need to cover it if they will. Forgive me for not knowing what
> numbers correspond to, I know the first one (6) was "Traditional
> something" and the last number that she left to figure out the
> measurement for was the 1.8. Does anyone know what these numbers
> mean?
> I was very impressed with her and everyone there. I have to say I
> left with the impression that she would not think I was making a
> mistake if we decided not to band. I asked her what she would do
> it were her child, and she took a second, kinda made that "hmmm"
> face, and then said that with all her experience as a PT and
> that she would prob do it because it would still help him.
> So I'm not sure what to do... but I feel good for getting the
> evaluation. Any thoughts or advice??? The chiro and osteopath that
> see Andrew both say he doesnt need a band and that he will improve
> with their help. He sees them for the Torticollis as well as the
> Plagio...so now I need to decide what to do...
> Thanks,
> Michelle

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