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Friday, 18 January 2008      0 comments

Hello Everyone,

I never post to this group as I am so new to all of the Bath and Body that I
feel I have little to offer. This post regarding large pimples was something
I could offer some advice on.

The shower, tea tree oil etc. is good for the outside, but something is
going on with you on the inside. When my older brother returned from
Vietnam, he started getting unexplained boils and large pimples.

This is what I learned from my research for him:

Try a fast first. Fast from all food, just fresh fruit juice and water with
a little apple cider vinegar in it. Make sure you have no health conditions
that would be aggravated by this. The fast will allow your body to rest from
its digestive labors and focus on the immune related issues inside.

Next, drink filtered water in large amounts, around a gallon a day. Use
lemon from fresh lemons to flavor it. Three times a day, before each meal,
try apple cider vinegar I-2 tsp- in a glass of filtered water before you
eat. This kills bacteria and allows your digestive process to run more

Last- bring probiotics into your diet. Keifer is one of the best things you
can eat. I buy it at Kroger which is a major grocery chain. Good high
quality yogurt 2 or three times a day will help as well. Eat the yogurt and
or keifer at off times from your apple cider drink. They will work together
to rid the body of whatever is showing its presence in your skin eruptions.

Skin is the largest organ of the body. Aside from protection, it is designed
as a huge elimination factory. Most acne meds treat only the surface, not
what is going on in the rest of the body. Try these things and see if you
have a reduction in the breakouts. This should not happen overnight.
Whatever is going on with you did not happen overnight. You may want to look
into an herbal detox internally as well. But try these inexpensive things
firs and see if they help.

Hope this info is useful to you!


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